Iron or scale for Valentine’s Day? Maybe not…


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you are still wondering what will make your loved one’s heart skip a beat, here are some gift ideas that will probably not won’t let it happen. So if you want to spoil your special partner with something, it is important to keep in mind that not every gift is a winner.

“Sometimes that seemingly thoughtful and loving gift instead causes frustration and anger. Don’t forget – simplicity is often better. You don’t have to buy something expensive on Valentine’s Day, but can instead do something that makes your loved one’s life easier,” says Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Chemico.

Perhaps a tasty, home-cooked meal is a hit, or a picnic in the garden is the ideal place to spend special time together. Or how about you take over your partner’s household chores for the day? Dishes? Done. Laundry? Hanged up. Tile floor? Already mopped.

Chemico Liqui Clean is of course the ideal product for this, says Ragavan. But, she jokes, please don’t give these Valentine’s Day cleaning products as a gift to your loved one!

Here are some gifts you might want to think twice about:

Gym Membership: Nothing says I-love-you like gym membership. Or does it? This surprise may just give the wrong impression and your loved one may feel taken in the face rather than spoiled. A scale is probably not the best route either.

Do-it-yourself-anything: If you are a carpenter or artist, this is possibly an option, but a self-knit sweater or scrapbook is not to everyone’s taste. Not everyone is equally creative either, but if you know your partner will enjoy it, go big.

Accessories: Think twice about a new iron complete with ironing board, or a new vacuum cleaner – no matter how beautiful and shiny and smart it is. Of course there is nothing wrong with a clean house, but Valentine’s Day is not the ideal time to hand out household chores.

Pet Tarantula Spider: Some people do indeed have a fondness for exotic pets, but read your audience. Surprising your partner with a furry eight-legged friend could mean that you might just be spending Valentine’s Day on your own (with said spider for company).

Toilet paper: Indeed a practical gift to ensure the toilet paper is delivered on time, but perhaps not as romantic as you had hoped. Consider a gift with a little more… feeling.

Cooking classes: Unless your partner has expressed a real need to hone their culinary skills, cooking classes can be a recipe for disaster. A romantic meal together is one thing, to insinuate that your lover’s food is not quite up to your mother’s standard is a horse of a different color.

Recycled Gifts: This is another one of those do-it-yourself-risk ideas. A gift that is forwarded may just give rise to an awkward conversation.

“Simple, thoughtful action is always a winner because it shows that you understand your partner’s needs,” says Ragavan.

“Avoid a spectacle rather than a gift and give your partner an opportunity – or do something for them – that gives them the chance to enjoy themselves.”