Israel releases ‘secret’ documents to refute genocide charge


In an attempt to refute the charge of genocide that South Africa submitted to the International Court of Justice in The Hague against Israel, this country has now made certain secret documents public.

The documents contain secret directives given by Israeli civilian and military leaders that were previously classified as top secret.

Israel has provided some internal documents, which are expected to be submitted to the court New York Times submitted and argues that it shows the lack of intent to commit genocide.

The documents with more than 30 orders include discussions on the ways in which emergency relief can be done, while others contain information from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s insistence that aid should be made available.

The New York Times however, reports that the hand-picked set of documents contains no briefs on the initial early days of the now months-long war against Hamas. According to the publication, there are several gaps in the information contained in the documents – and also gaps about key moments in the conflict.

According to the report, the documents were “curated” and there are omissions about, for example, the first days of the conflict when water and electricity to Gaza were cut off.

The court is expected to rule on the interim measures in the complaint on Friday. Israel has already argued that South Africa’s complaint against it is “thoroughly distorted” and does not reflect the realities of the Gaza war. “The entirety of South Africa’s case rests on a deliberately constructed, decontextualized and manipulative description of the reality of current hostilities,” argued Israel.

The country told the court that South Africa had “unfortunately presented a deeply distorted factual and legal picture” to the court and to support this argument, the legal team created a graphic image of the horrors of the 7 October with videos and photographs. -attacks. Hamas militants “tortured children in front of parents, parents in front of children, burned people… systematically raped and mutilated”, the court heard.

Israel also reiterated that it acted in self-defense against Hamas and that the response was not aimed at the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip.

South Africa argued in court that the public statements of Israeli politicians, including Netanyahu, show that genocide is being committed with intent.

Part of Israel’s defense in court rests on the fact that whatever statements politicians have made in public are trumped by executive decisions and official orders from the war cabinet and the army command.