‘Israel will not stop defending itself’


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, said in response to the International Court of Justice’s decision that Israel will not stop defending its country and its people.

“Israel is unwaveringly committed to international law. However, just as unwavering is our sacred commitment to protect our country and our people. Just like any other country, Israel has an inherent right to defend itself.

“The vile attempt to deprive Israel of this right is blatant discrimination against the Jewish state and is rightly rejected.”

The International Court of Justice in The Hague on Friday ordered Israel to comply with certain measures that South Africa requested in its historic application before this court. However, the United Nations (UN) highest court did not order a ceasefire.

Netanyahu says the accusation of genocide made against Israel is not only false, but outrageous and that decent people everywhere should reject it. He says Israel will continue to defend itself against Hamas, “a murderous terrorist organization”.

“On October 7, Hamas committed the most heinous acts against the Jewish people since the Jewish genocide and vowed to commit these atrocities again and again and again. Our war is against Hamas terrorists, not Palestinian civilians,” he said.

Israel does pledge to continue providing humanitarian aid to Gaza and do everything in its power to keep civilians out of the crossfire. “Even while Hamas uses people as human shields.”

ANC ‘abusing situation’

The FF Plus also attacked the ANC’s court application on Israel on Friday.

“Today’s ruling by the World Court on South Africa’s application that Israel end its military action in Gaza has once again highlighted the ANC government’s double standards,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FF Plus, said.

“This raises the question why the government has spent so much money on this case when there are 76 murders per day in South Africa.”

He also points out that South Africa is the most unequal country in the world in terms of income, while a third of the population is unemployed. “It causes great suffering for millions of people in the country.”

He says the verdict of the World Court makes it clear that Israel is not engaged in a Palestinian genocide. Among the interim steps that the court announced is that Israel must make sure that it is not guilty of genocide.

“South Africa’s government could have instead used the money spent on this case in its own country, which is in a major financial crisis. There are many other richer countries that hold the same views as the ANC government and the question is why one of these countries did not take the case to the World Court.

“The ANC is clearly abusing the situation to divert attention from the dire circumstances in its own country for the sake of a certain part of the population. In the process, the safety of all South Africans, the dire circumstances of millions and the high homicide rate were conveniently ignored.”

Groenewald says the FF Plus will direct parliamentary questions about exactly how much this case has cost South African taxpayers.