IVP appoints task force for negotiations


The IVP said on Monday that this party is humbly grateful to every voter who voted for it, and that it is ready to start coalition negotiations.

The party is also very pleased with the growth it has achieved at national level and in KwaZulu-Natal, especially compared to the setback other parties have experienced.

RNews earlier reported that the once powerful ANC walked out of the 2024 general election with 159 seats, followed by the DA with 87, the MKP with 58, the EFF with 39 and the IVP in fifth place with 17 seats.

The IVP says it is satisfied with the result and accepts it as the “democratic will of the people”.

“With this remarkable support in the election, the IVP will participate in the process of coalition negotiations, which is now an essential factor in governing South Africa.

“The IPP’s national executive committee (NEC) has set up a seven-member task force under the leadership of IPP deputy president Inkosi Mzamo Buthelezi to facilitate all coalition-related matters, including liaison with other parties.”

The IVP says South Africa is its first priority and that the party is ready to rebuild the country.

“We will continue to honor our founder, the late Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, by being a sensible voice as well as a constructive force in politics.”