Jan Bloukaas shares good news about the cancer battle


“Ladies and gentlemen, God lives!”

With these words, the musician Jean du Plessis, better known as Jan Bloukaas, shared in a video on his official Instagram profile on Tuesday that a recent scan indicates that the malignant tumor on his brain stem has apparently shrunk.

RNews previously reported that the “Kaas bra” singer was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2022 and that this type of tumor cannot be removed with surgery.

He has since received radiation therapy for it, and candidly shares his cancer battle with his followers on social media. His latest album was also launched amid his treatment.

“I expected the cancer to start growing again, and I remembered we said we’d be happy if it stayed the same size, but it shrunk,” the singer shared on Tuesday.

According to Jean, the scan shows how the tumor is getting fainter, which apparently indicates that it is also breaking down.

This good news follows after he said in an emotional video on Sunday that he would only go for a scan again on January 30.

“Every now and then you only think about the scan, so I asked my mother if we could move the scan earlier. I ask that you please pray and I ask very nicely that if this is bad news, please do not let it be the cause of someone’s disbelief in God (sic).

“God is amazing and I am so grateful for my life. If I have to go now, then I’m going home,” the singer emotionally shared on Sunday.

Celebrities such as Karlien van Jaarsveld, Peach van Pletzen, Demi Lee Moore and Early B shared in the singer’s joy on social media.

“Praise the Lord!” wrote Van Jaarsveld under Jean’s latest video.