Jan gets seven A’s while playing


Jan Lutz got through matric playing, and in addition obtained seven A’s. For this smart head, music is not just a hobby either. “I listen to classical music together and I play the violin; it’s more than a hobby, it’s how I live,” says Jan.

Jan has been playing the violin since he was six years old. He also shares his gratitude for the good music teacher he had who gave him a lot of exposure to music. He also likes to play in the school band.

However, everything is not just going smoothly for Jan, who was a learner at Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch. He constantly struggles with a nagging headache, but he actually doesn’t like to talk about it.

“A few years ago, in the middle of Covid-19, I started getting headaches.” At first he thought it was just an ordinary headache. “After a year, however, I realized it might be more serious than I thought. We have seen several doctors and are working to find out what the problem is.”

He has already learned ways to deal with it and knows that enough exercise and sleep help to deal with the problem. “I know I shouldn’t look in too much bright light and avoid loud sounds and stress,” says Jan.

However, this thorn in the flesh does not stop Jan from working hard. Apart from music, he enjoys mathematics. These are two topics that, according to Jan, go hand in hand. “Mathematics and music actually have a lot in common. Both contain elements that can be calculated and make sense.”

This year, Jan is studying BSc biomedical mathematical sciences at Stellenbosch University. “But I’m not going to stop making music, listen!”

His advice for this year’s matric is to leave enough time for academics. “Time goes by very quickly and you don’t have time to do extra things, focus on your academics.” About his own motivation and hard work, Jan says, “If you get opportunities, use them!”

  • Jan also had additional mathematics as a subject. This subject does not form part of the information that the Department of Education passes on about the results.