Jewish council wants to approach ICC about Teeger


When the South African Jewish Council of Delegates (SAJBD) agreed to a meeting with Cricket South Africa (KSA) at short notice, the council hoped that a solution to the David Teeger matter would be found.

“We kept our fingers crossed that he could keep his captaincy, but unfortunately that’s not how the meeting went today. It is a sad state of affairs,” said Prof. Karen Milner, national chairman of the SABJD, said.

Teeger was earlier, allegedly due to security fears, of his captaincy for the o. 19-World Cup tournament stripped. South Africa plays in its opening match against the West Indies in Potchefstroom on Friday.

However, he is still a member of the team.

According to Milner, KSA could not provide any concrete evidence that there was indeed a security risk linked to Teeger’s captaincy.

The national cricket governing body apparently defended its wickets during the meeting and said that it made its final decision after a security briefing; there is said to be no official report available.

“Every single time we challenged them on the security issue, the conversation was steered in a direction that fit their narrative.”

‘International Cricket Council must intervene’

Zev Krengel, president of the SAJBD, said after the failed meeting with KSA that the council intends to write to the International Cricket Council (ICC).

“Initially we wanted to give KSA an opportunity to put things right; after all, this is why we agreed to the meeting. Now that the meeting is a thing of the past, we know that they are not going to do it,” said Krengel.

He has the fact that the o. 19 World Cup is now being hosted in South Africa as “ironic”, precisely because Sri Lanka lost its host status due to political interference.

“The ICC must get involved. We have now heard that apparently there is not even a safety report. Why can David still stay in the team, but is stripped of his captaincy? KSA’s statements are contradictory.”

Teeger should be reinstated as captain

Teeger has been in the news since October last year after he was named rising star of Absa’s awards for Jewish excellence. Referring to the conflict between Israel and Hamas, he said that it is the young soldiers in Israel who are the real stars.

KSA’s council later decided to launch an independent investigation into his statements, but Adv. Wim Trengove SC found that the former head boy of the King Edward VII School in Johannesburg did not violate any codes of conduct or act unconstitutionally.

“If David is not reappointed as captain, will we ever see a Jewish captain of a South African sports team again? We are extremely upset that KSA did not stand by David.”

  • South Africa’s o. 19-cricket squad:

Dewan Marais, Lhuan-dré Pretorius, Richard Seletswane, Steve Stolk, David Teeger, Ntando Zuma, Juan James (captain), Riley Norton, Romashan Pillay, Oliver Whitehead, Tristan Luus, Kwena Maphaka, Martin Khumalo, Nqobani Mokoena and Sipho Potsane.

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January 19: South Africa vs West Indies

23 January: South Africa v England

January 27: South Africa v Scotland.