Joël makes a huge ranking jump


Joël Schwärzler won his first ATP Challenger tournament and at the same time made quite a ranking jump.

The 18-year-old Austrian, who can speak Afrikaans well, beat Kamil Majchrzak in the final of the tournament in Skopje (North Macedonia).

The final score was 6-3 and 6-3 in his favor and he immediately jumped 277 ranking places to take the 387th place in the official ATP rankings.

He also became the first native of 2006 to win such a tournament.

According to Schwärzler’s Afrikaans mother, Ilse, her son simply refused to throw in the towel.

“He faced a match point in the first round of the tournament. I sent another message to his manager and said that Joël’s head was not at the game again today. But then he started hitting the ball back and after that nobody stood a chance,” she shared on social media.

“He literally knocked them off the track.”

The world’s leading o. The 18-year-old moved to Austria at the age of seven after growing up on a farm just outside Derby in the North West for the first few years of his life, while he was also a learner at the German school in Kroondal for a while.

“I can still speak Afrikaans well – I often talk to my mother and my family in South Africa. I can’t write that well in the language,” he said at the time in an interview with RNews.