Jong Bokke almost stumbles against Argentinians


The Junior Springboks may have won their Rugby Championship match against Argentina 30 – 28, but the young South Africans are certainly not yet the finished product.

There was especially a struggle in the lines, while Franco Rosetto – the Argentine’s left winger – scored four tries in the game.

Fortunately, Philip-Albert van Niekerk was able to keep his cool in the dying seconds of the duel to chase the winning set-piece over the crossbar.

“The men showed good character and fighting spirit after a disappointing first half – they later showed what we are capable of,” said Bafana Nhleko, head coach.

The young Boks trailed 21 -7 at half-time, but were able to fight back thanks to Tiaan Jacobs, Casper Badenhorst and Zachary Porten’s tries.

Van Niekerk’s kicking foot also kept the scoreboard going.

“We refused to throw in the towel and that bodes well for the under-20 World Championship.”

However, Nhleko should have reached for the boogie brandy (or maybe something stronger) in the first half. The South Africans lost, among other things, four line posts in a row.

“We dug ourselves a very deep hole in the first half and we were forced to change a few things at half-time. Fortunately, the players reacted better in the second half and we were able to put our stamp on Argentina to build up some momentum.”

The Junior Goats let a lead slip through their fingers in their previous matches against New Zealand and Australia and according to Nhleko, today’s fight back means that his team is at least on the right track.

“We got a welcome boost of confidence, but we can definitely play better. We will have to work very hard on the training field when we meet again in Stellenbosch.”

  • Scorers:

Junior Springboks: Tries: Jurenzo Julius, Tiaan Jacobs, Casper Badenhorst and Zachary Porten. Goal kicks: Philip-Albert van Niekerk (2). Penalty kicks: Van Niekerk (2).

Argentina: Tries: Franco Rosetto (4). Goal kicks: Facundo Rodriquez (3) and Santion di Lucca.