#JongStemme: A colorful future in a rainbow country


By Delmei Delport

I hear young people talking and hear “those” words. Those words that pierce my heart like a dagger: “I’m just going to work somewhere overseas and maybe emigrate one day, because in this country there is no future for us…”

I think back to myself five years ago. I realize that those very words were also my own conclusion about my future in South Africa even before I ever started looking for work.

I realize the fear of a new, unknown chapter in one’s life. This can cause negative thoughts in an individual: “What if my CV is not set up correctly?”; “What if I’m never invited for an interview?”; “What if I don’t get the job?”; or “What if I studied in the wrong field of study?”, “What if I have too little experience for this position?”.

Dear young person, you are not alone and you are not the first young person to experience these emotions.

Don’t let the fear of applying for jobs, preparing your CV and your first interview overwhelm you so much that the perfect opportunity passes you by. I am a 26-year-old lady who can reassure you with certainty. There is work for you in our country. There is A bright and colorful future for you here in our beautiful rainbow country.

Solidarity offers work facilitation on our platform which serves as a resource to equip you with all the necessary knowledge and skills (which you need as the key to a bright future). If that “experience” section on your CV gives you the chills, first go pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee and relax!

Visit Solidarity’s brand new platform and discover the world of work. There are many opportunities especially for you to gain experience through, among other things, shadow work, internships and mentorships, where you can learn from mentors and gain experience as a young person. It is not only a key to unlocking job opportunities, but also to learn so many skills and know more about a culture of work.

The key to survival in the future is going to be good education and training – not just one-off training, but lifelong learning in a time where everything changes almost daily. That is why Solidarity has the interests of its members and their children at heart by creating opportunities for them to get to the forefront of their field and stay there.

The aim of Solidarity is to help our members to work and to be able to work well. The reason for this is that a good job is a condition to be able to have a good life.

“Be free, safe and prosperous.”

These three words are the thought that I want every young person to cherish in their hearts when they think about their future workplace and career, here in South Africa, in your mother tongue.

  • Delmei Delport is a coordinator for Worknet at Solidarity.

#JongStemme is a project by RNews and Solidarity Youth that wants to emphasize the youth’s voice in the public domain. Visit Solidarity Youth’s website at www.jeug.co.za for help and advice with your career.

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