#JongStemme: Is there room for young ladies in business?


By Nadine Grant

There have always been challenges for women in business and it is found that only one in four leaders are women, which is quite disappointing.

As many young ladies have experienced in business, many questions accompanied by skepticism come our way and we sometimes feel intimidated after facing such a situation. I have been in such a situation that someone told me directly that women cannot be leaders, how will women then be able to manage a business.

This is a reason why we, as young ladies, must put good strategies in place for ourselves to overcome these challenges.

From my own experiences, the following strategies have helped:

Build a strong network

Find a network that will support and guide you. My suggestion would be to get good mentors. Good mentors give good advice and a lot can be learned from their experiences.

Develop your skills

Never stop learning, invest in your own growth and development. This will help you acquire new knowledge that can help you tackle challenges.

Stand up for yourself

This may be the hardest part for us as young ladies, but this may very well help open doors for our career. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, share your ideas, who knows it could mean big things for your career.

Despite my age, I find myself today as a practice manager – I mean, what young lady of 24 would be given the opportunity to run a practice on her own? It feels unreal sometimes, but I promise it is possible.

Young ladies, please hold on to your dream, there is a reason why that dream is placed in your heart. Your behavior will follow your mindset, so change the way you think and pursue your dreams.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to young ladies who feel that it is difficult for them to enter the business world, I would just say be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are our careers. Focus on your goal, do what you can do and stay centered in your faith.

The answer to the question of whether there is room for young ladies in business is a big one yes. We can be leaders, we can run a business successfully and we can start our own business.

  • NĂ¡dine Grant completed her degree in B.Com Business Management in 2021 which is where her love for the business world developed. She is currently a full-time practice manager completing her honors in Business Management part-time through Akademia.

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