Joslin Smith: Charges against alleged sangoma dropped


All charges against Phumza Sigaqa, the woman who was initially suspected of being a sangoma and having a part in Joslin Smith’s disappearance, were withdrawn on Wednesday morning in the magistrate’s court in Vredenburg.

Many community members marched outside the court this morning before the proceedings. Several insisted that Sigaqa be released as she had no involvement in little Joslin’s disappearance.

Information about where the missing Joslin (6) may be is being followed up by the state in the meantime.

The state is currently continuing its case against Joslin’s mother, Racquel (Kelly) Smith, and her two co-accused, boyfriend Jacquen (Boeta) Appollis and Steveno Duwayne.

However, the three will not ask for bail.

Smith, Appollis and Duwayne’s legal representatives indicated this morning in the magistrate’s court at Vredenburg that their clients are abandoning their intended applications for bail at this stage.

The case has now been adjourned until May 13 for further investigation.

The public prosecutor indicated this morning that information about where Joslin “might find her” is currently being followed up. However, the public prosecutor did not disclose more about this. Rumors have been circulating on social media since Tuesday evening that her body has been found. However, the police have not yet been able to confirm this information.

The public prosecutor has indicated that a longer delay is being requested as the investigation team is also still waiting for cell phone records and further statements from eyewitnesses.

Joslin’s mother burst into tears after the proceedings before she and her co-accused were escorted to the court’s cells.

The search for Joslin continues.