Juan Boucher and Tasché choose their course on this Top-20


Juan Boucher has just launched his ninth album, entitled Die Rower. Juan describes the album as “a fresh breeze of romance and mysticism”. The first track, “Die Rower”, is a song that sums up love and longing and is described as “an atmosphere that hangs over the sea like fog”.

On this album there are also songs that he recorded with other artists. The track, “Suid”, which he sings with Tasché, just this week appeared on RNews’s Afrikaans Top-20 in 18th place.

Die Piesangskille’s “Inge 2” remains in the number one position for the time being.

In this week’s Top-20, there are six songs that climb, five that lose their places, one song that enters the Top-20 for the week and eight songs that remain unchanged.

1. The Banana Peels – “Inge 2”
2. The Banana Peels – “Lyntjie”
3. Juanita du Plessis – “Dear jinn!”
4. Apple – “Faults”
5. Barto – “H2Eyes”
6. Eloff – “Cold coals”
7. Bernice West – “If He Comes Again”
8. Leon Schuster – “The Goat Machine”
9. Brendan Peyper – “Tour around the floor”
10. Robbie Wessels with Anlia Starr, Ruhan du Toit and Karlien van Jaarsveld – “Together South Africa”
11. Barto – “Impulsive”
12. Die Heuwels Fantastic with Appel – “Nora Vlok”
13. Jay – “Naughty Ass”
14. Apple – “Diana”
15. Bobby van Jaarsveld – “Then, now and always”
16. Apple – “Sugarbush”
17. Spitting Wolf – “Cloetesville”
18. Juan Boucher with Tasché – “South”
19. Smoke Signal – “Hey you”
20. Marno van der Merwe – “Guys like me”

New releases:

Boekclub has just released their latest single, “Eerste dates”. This song was written by Anru Vorster and tells the story of all the uncertainty and doubt that rages inside you before you finally meet the right person.

Other songs released are Jan Jan Jan’s “Genna Reyter”, Wikus Botma’s “Aan soos Brakpan”, Karen Zoid’s “Hou bene hou”, It’s just Frederick’s “Rolo Meisie”, Derónshay’s “Ry now”, Groot raasa’s “Stukkie vir bisset”, Ouderdoos’ “Stuur groete aan Mannetjies Roux”, Ruan Josh’s “Vat die houe” and Armand Steenkamp’s “Vriend”.

* The RNews Afrikaans Top-20 is compiled by single releases and various data factors are taken into account: Apple Music and Spotify streams, YouTube views (specifically week-to-week data) as well as radio playtime. Physical album sales have no influence on this hit parade.