Keep calm is the watchword in Madrid


The Springbok women’s sevens players have a big task at hand when they report for the last leg of the HSBC sevens series in Madrid on Friday.

South Africa must win the quarter-final to retain their place in the series.

The South Africans are in the same group with Argentina, Belgium and Brazil for the Spanish tournament, which will be decided from Friday to Sunday.

Renfred Dazel, head coach, is satisfied with the team’s preparation. He says the team realizes the seriousness of the Madrid tournament.

“We are used to the intensity with which the World Series is played. We’ve experienced it for seven tournaments in six months, so it’s simply a matter of using it to our advantage against teams that haven’t had the experience,” said Madrid’s Dazel.

“I don’t remember us playing against Argentina before, but their style is the same as the other South American teams.”

Dazel says the Argentines like to keep the ball alive, and they are especially dangerous when there is a scrum.

“Belgium is not an unknown team for us either. We played against them in both finals in the Challenger series last year.”

The women last played against Brazil in the Los Angeles tournament and were on the winning side with 10-7.



12:00: South Africa vs Argentina

15:06: South Africa v Belgium


13:51: South Africa vs Brazil.