‘Keep dancing!’ says Kelly Clarkson to Klein Kwagga


“This is the most precious thing ever!”

This is how the American singer and television personality Kelly Clarkson described the now famous dance moves of Dirkco Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, better known as Klein Kwagga, on her chat show this week.

The eight-year-old and his mother, Merci, appeared on Clarkson’s program via a short online interview as part of her What I’m Liking-inset.

Here, Kelly reveals which recent social media moments have touched her heartstrings or made her laugh.

The adorable seven-year-old from Mpumalanga stole hearts worldwide last year when her dance steps to the rhythm of Bernice West’s earworm hit “Lyfie” spread like wildfire on social media.

His “Lyfie” video, which was recorded at his great-sister Elizma’s (12) dance school performance, has meanwhile even been liked by Hollywood celebrities such as Oscar winner Viola Davis of How to Get Away with Murder-shared fame on social media.

“Kwagga, you have no idea how much joy you have brought me. You could be best friends with my boy,” Kelly told Dirkco.

When asked why he ended up on stage at his great-aunt’s dance concert, the cute bunny explained in English that the dance school students’ relatives were promised a piece of chocolate if they also showed how they swayed their hips.

“That’s how we know him, but we’re not quite sure how or where he learned some of those moves,” Merci joked about Kwagga’s dance moves.

Kelly, herself a mother of two, teased that her own little girl had already boasted of peculiar dance moves.

“You are still mine What I’m Liking-favorite moment ever, you are awesome. Keep dancing!”

The little TikTok sensation was also surprised on the program with $1,000 (almost R18,000) in cash.

Dora-Mari Bosch of BW Models, who currently acts as Dirkco’s agent, recently told RNews that the Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen family is committed to protecting Dirkco and making sure that all aspects of this social media success for him is fun

“He doesn’t even really realize what all this fame is. If you ask him what he thinks about it, he just gives a shy laugh. Moreover, his parents will not allow him to get big-headed, he will always remain just an ordinary farm boy.”

Check out Kwagga’s insert The Kelly Clarkson Show here: