Khumalo booed after court appearance over MKP leadership post


Supporters of ex-pres. On Monday, Jacob Zuma and the MK party (MKP) tried to attack Jabulani Khumalo, kicked out founding member of the MKP, and stormed his car in front of the High Court in Johannesburg.

Khumalo asked the electoral court, which sits in this court, to set aside his suspension from the MKP. He maintains that he is the rightful president of the party and not Zuma.

According to Khumalo, Zuma obtained his position as MKP leader illegally. His legal team claims Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, Zuma’s daughter, falsified documents sent to the Electoral Commission (EC).

These documents would apparently inform the IEC that Khumalo is no longer the MKP leader on 9 April this year and has been suspended.

According to him, Zuma would only be the face of the MKP during their election campaign. However, Zuma allegedly told Khumalo “I’m getting rid of you” and then Khumalo was unlawfully suspended, the court heard on Monday.

Adv. Mfesane Ka-Siboto, on behalf of Khumalo, also argued that the signature on the letter, which was sent to the IEC, was dramatically different from that of Khumalo.

It is obvious that it is fake, and it could only be Zuma-Sambudla, it was argued.

Khumalo also argues that Zuma-Sambudla was not authorized to send any communication to the IEC.

“She also, when she sent the letter by e-mail to the IEC, mr. Khumalo knowingly left out of the email,” said Ka-Siboto.

“Zuma-Sambudla is the one who should come and say why she did it, but she does not take the court into her confidence and no statement from her has been submitted,” says Ka-Siboto.

Zuma and his daughter were themselves in court on Monday and followed the case closely.

Duduzile Zuma, Jacob Zuma, MKP, Jabulani Khumalo, electoral court

Adv. Dali Mpofu SC, on behalf of the two, dismissed Khumalo’s account as “blatant lies”.

According to him, Zuma-Sambudla is part of the MKP leaders and was therefore authorized to send the letter.

“It is a lie to say otherwise and Khumalo is engaged in heinous defamation,” argued Mpofu.

He asked that Khumalo’s application be refused and that the electoral court should punish him with a costs order “because he wasted the court’s time”.

Mpofu also indicated that he is in the process of filing criminal charges of defamation against Khumalo on behalf of father and daughter.

The court reserved judgment in the case on Monday.

Outside the court, supporters in MKP clothes booed Khumalo and stormed his car.