Kirsten Kluyts: Accused of a ‘danger to women’


Kirsten Kluyts’ alleged killer is a danger to women in society and he has not proven extraordinary circumstances to justify his release on bail.

That’s what magistrate Syta Prinsloo said in the magistrate’s court in Alexandra on Friday when she refused the 21-year-old student bail. According to Prinsloo, the state has made a prima facie case regarding the charges of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances. However, in the absence of DNA tests, the state has not made a prima facie case regarding the charge of rape.

She said the state’s case consisted largely of circumstantial evidence and she went through the evidence step by step. This includes, among other things, a timeline of events on 29 October when Kluyts (34) took part in a MyRun running event in the George Lea park in Parkmore, Sandton. Kluyts’ body was found after other athletes could not locate her after the running event.

Kluyts’ mobile phone and car keys were found on a path near her body. There is CCTV footage showing the accused leaving the area where Kluyts was killed. He is also wearing a blue T-shirt that looks exactly like the one Kluyts was wearing earlier in the day.

During his testimony, he argued, among other things, that he walked through the George Lea park to get to his residence. He claims that at one stage he relieved his distress and then came across Kluyts’ body and investigated.

He testified that he got rid of her clothes as he had touched them and his fingerprints were therefore on them. According to him, he got rid of the clothes in order not to be implicated in the murder.

It came to light during the accused’s bail application that Kluyts died due to severe head trauma, strangulation, suffocation and pressure on her neck. It was also revealed that Kluyts was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of her death.

The accused, who according to law may not be identified until he pleads to the charge of rape, denied earlier during his bail application that he had anything to do with the murder of Kluyts.

The accused was arrested on 26 November at a residence of Varsity College in Benmore.

Kluyts was a teacher at Delta Park High School.