‘Know’ everything about the election


In two weeks, South Africans vote in the national election. We hear election news almost every day and know it is an important event, but all this news and information is sometimes complicated and completely incomprehensible.

Veet, the e-reference guide for learners and the curious, asked an expert to pick out the most important information about the election and write articles about it that everyone can understand. This information is now available on weet.co.za!

Under the category “Election 2024” you can read more about the South African electoral system – what on earth is it and how does it work in our country? If the word “coalition” makes you cringe, you can brush up on your general knowledge about it on Weet, in the article that explains coalition politics. Come and discover what it is, why it is important, and how it works in South African politics.

On Weet you will also get information about all the different political parties participating in the election – from the ruling ANC and the official opposition party the DA, to Zuma’s new MK party and the independent candidates who are running for the first time this year participate in election. Each article explains how and why the party was formed, what they think and believe, who their leader is, what success they have achieved, and what criticism they attract.

Weet’s articles also contain a wonderful tool: the word bank. Difficult words and concepts are simply explained in the text itself, when you stand with the arrow or your finger on top of the word in bold. Now you can also understand what words like “corruption”, “integrity”, “free market economy” and “affirmative action” mean in a political context. “Minorities” and “conservative” are described in their context, as are terms such as “self-determination”, “federal system” and “language rights”.

Wondering about Julius Malema’s qualifications? Come and read on Know what degrees he obtained and what exactly his radical ideas entail. Do you know what the FF Plus’ emblem represents, and what the green, black and gold in the ANC’s logo stand for? Know will tell you. Do you know how much one has to pay to be a member of a party like the DA? You can read about it and much more on Know. And do you know that there are parties that want to bring back the death penalty? Know also tells you more about it.

Read on Know about the various general elections in South Africa since we became a democracy in 1994, and how our parliament works. And if you wonder about something that you can’t find on Weet, send us a message and we’ll find out for you – because Weet believes that one should know!