‘Kokkedoor’: Family surprises braaiers in semi-finals


A heart-warming, nerve-wracking and exciting barbecue experience in tonight’s delivery of the kykNET barbecue programme, Kokkedoor Fire & Flamewaited on the six remaining braaiers.

It was not only the semi-finals of the competition, but also a wonderful reunion between participants and their families.

Bertus Basson and Kobus Botha, judges of this season, have planned a surprise or two for the participants during the course of the series. However, the latest surprise, a family visit, caused the most tears, excitement and heart-warming moments.

“I thought that all my tears were shed and that I was calm today, but they are happy tears, I am happy to see him,” said Cindy, whose husband came to visit.

“This is what we need now. We’re emotionally exhausted, but this is that step to tell us to bite the bullet,” said Karen, who could have her mother by her side in the kitchen.

With family members by their side, the three teams had to conjure up a tasty Sunday lunch. This meal must have included a starter, main course and snack for the road.

To kick off the meal, the finalists had to make a goat rib in the hearth for an appetizer. Their main courses must have included a steak, sirloin or lamb rib, served with nostalgic side dishes reminiscent of a traditional South African Sunday lunch.

The teams had three and a half hours of preparation time, and although their family members could not help them grill, they could lend a hand to plan the dishes. For some participants it was refreshing to have their loved ones in the kitchen, for others it was a nerve-racking and terrifying experience.

The braaiers each made a few mistakes, with Karen and Nate each having to put together their bread mixes from scratch. Despite this, Kobus and Bertus ended up describing Nate’s bread as “the best of the season”.

Nate and Kevin’s snacks, traditional buns, put a huge smile on the judges’ faces, although according to Kobus, their homemade Sweetie Pie delicacies could have stayed instead.

Ultimately, the judges were largely satisfied with their presentation, eliciting more positive than negative comments about their dishes.

Karen and Gert, who were also in a team together earlier this season, showed what they can do with delicious lamb and flavors that are reminiscent of a Sunday afternoon barbecue.

“I was proud to be in a team with you,” Gert said after the challenge to Karen, who at one stage thought they were on their way home.

In the end, it was Karen and Gert who impressed the judges the most – they walked away from the challenge as winners.

Although Cindy and Joubert’s dishes also drew good comments, it was their side dishes that let them down. These two keen barbecuers had to say goodbye to their barbecue tongs and aprons tonight, although neither of them went home with too much disappointment in their hearts.

“I’m disappointed that I’m out, but I’m not at all disappointed in me and Joubert. It was amazing to cook with him. I’m so sorry he lives so far away,” Cindy said.

“I’ll be back in 2032 for the next one!”

  • The two teams that played in the finals of Kokkedoor Fire & Flame going to compete are Nate (remember grill) and Kevin (twist grill) and Karen (remember grill) and Gert (twist grill).
  • Kokkedoor Fire & Flame is broadcast Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.