‘Kokkedoor’: The Golden Rooster Trophy goes on…


Thirteen weeks after 20 hopeful braaiers at the Kokkedoor Fire & Flame-stoor stepped in, only two contestants could finally be crowned king.

After tonight’s giant barbecue challenge, remember barbecuer Karen and twister Gert are not only each richer with a golden rooster trophy, but also walk away with R1 million in prize money. Runners-up, Kevin and Nate, ended up pocketing a consolation prize of R200 000.

A snack, game pie, cut of beef, meat of their choice, paella, bread, side dishes and a flaming birthday cake formed part of the participants’ extensive menu. The braaiers had a day to plan, and five hours to prepare all their dishes for 30 guests.

However, Bertus Basson and Kobus Botha, the judges of the program, had a surprise up their sleeve to assist the finalists. Each and every Kokkedoor Fire & Flame-participant who was sent home during the course of the competition had one last chance to show off their braai skills. Half of the braaiers were assigned to Kevin and Nate’s team, and the rest to Karen and Gert’s.

Although Karen, Gert, Nate and Kevin all agreed that the experience was already a giant feather, there was still a reason for each of them to finally cross the finish line. It was especially Nate and Karen who repeatedly had to wipe away tears when they talked about their journey in the cook door-store spoke.

“There are so many last times today. This is the last time you cook with the teams, this is the last chance we got to cook in the warehouse. It was the last time we walked in. This is the last time we walk out. There are so many last ones – I just want to enjoy them,” Nate said.

Together with their fellow grillers, the four finalists put their best foot forward, or rather braai tongs. They conjured impressive meat dishes, pastries and side dishes, and were finally able to serve a feast for their guests.

Although both teams elicited overwhelmingly positive comments, in the end it was Karen and Gert who were able to hold up the golden rooster trophy. The tears flowed after this victory, with Karen finally able to realize her dream of independence.

“I have at the cook door-store as a person who was very dependent on others – dependent on my husband, dependent on other people. I want to walk out here as an independent woman who can look after myself and be proud of it, because there is nothing wrong with that,” said Karen.