Lamb Champs and SAAI ‘Empower a child’!


The Empower a child project has the great privilege of being supported by Lamb Champs and SAAI. These institutions have chosen Solidarity Helping Hand’s Empower a child project as their charity project. It is a great honor to be part of this event and to receive marketing and awareness of this project.

“Farming is about land, about light and heat units, seed, water, tools and livestock. But farming is first and foremost about people. While SAAI, our network for family farmers, celebrates the excellence of South Africa’s sheep farmers through our Lamb Champs festivals, and proudly introduces them to consumers, we also keep in mind the most vulnerable people in our community – the children.” This is what Theo de Jager, chairman of the board of SAAI, says about their collaboration with the Empower a child project. The project was set up to instill hope in children and serves as a temporary bridge.

Empower a child assists vulnerable children in various ways. An opportunity is created for children to live in boarding houses when the conditions at home are unfavorable. This gives them the chance to live in a safe environment, receive necessary support with homework and also get three meals a day. Assistance is also provided where there is a challenge with transport money to and from school, extra classes and therapy costs. This help is only temporary and serves as a bridge of hope for children to a better future. The success of the project is due to donors’ selfless contributions and donations.

Lamb Champs 2024

With every ticket that Lamb Champs sells, every one of the 150 carcasses on the spit, and every convivial laugh over a clinking glass, a few rands fall into a pool to create opportunities for a child who needs it to one day have a place in life to be full.

On this day, 100 sheep and 50 bucks will be judged. There is fun entertainment for children and various artists will perform and hang out. There will also be delicious food stalls and a beer garden available.

SAAI presents Lamb Champs 2024 at Pretoria National Botanic Garden on 20 July 2024. During this unforgettable event, family farmers from all over South Africa will come together to determine who has the tastiest lamb and goat meat and then be crowned the winner of Lamb Champs 2024.

Members of the public are invited to buy tickets and come and visit on the day. Follow the link and get your tickets for Lamb Champs here!

To read more about the Empower a Kind project, please visit

Written by Chandré Oosthuizen, social worker and project organizer: Solidarity Helping Hand