Land grabbers on state land at Allandale evicted


The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements in collaboration with the Johannesburg Metro has started to demolish structures in the Allendale area that have been erected illegally.

In 2017, the department obtained a court order against the occupiers, according to which no one may live on the land without permission. Despite several meetings, the occupiers defied the interdict and continued to erect structures.

Several eviction attempts have been suspended after various concerned groups approached the courts in unsuccessful attempts to delay the process. However, the department and the metro council say in a joint statement that they are ready to approach the relevant courts immediately, should any attempt be made again to stop the process.

Tahir Sema, spokesperson for the department, warned people not to occupy government land illegally.

“The government will not hesitate to have those occupying land and property removed. The illegal actions delay much-needed development and the delivery of services to communities,” says Sema.

The department also encouraged people to report the illegal occupation of land and houses to local law enforcement authorities.

The government will continue to work with the courts, developers and police to obtain eviction orders against occupiers.

  • Report land occupations, the illegal sale of land or other corruption on 0800 701 701 or send an email to