Lara wants to be a journalist, with 8 A’s


Lara Potgieter is full of dreams about her future. With eight distinctions in her bag, she wants to study law at Stellenbosch University this year and then do her honors in journalism. “This has been one of my dreams since I was little: I want to become a journalist and at National Geographic go to work,” says this smart head from Bloemhof High School in Stellenbosch.

“I can only go on my knees and say thank you. It was a ‘tough’ 12 years of school, but I am grateful for the opportunities I had.”

Lara has a great love for National Geographic. “Behind my desk there is a shelf with about 80 of the magazines. The oldest one comes from the 80s,” she says. “I like the way they report and the way they research and the incredible photos they take.”

She starts her path with BA Law because it is something that interests her. “Rights apply to all of our lives.”

Lara’s advice to prospective matrics is to appreciate the value of every moment. “One moment you are still participating in interschools, then you are busy with matric exams. It goes by so fast.”