‘Laughing’: Lesufi wants to put up election posters himself in Orania



This is how the FF Plus labels Panyaza Lesufi, the ANC’s provincial chairperson in Gauteng, the apparent plans to put up ANC election posters in Orania.

During a lekgotla of the ANC’s provincial executive committee in Boksburg this week, Lesufi said the ruling party will not be prevented from conducting election campaigns in certain areas.

“I personally want to put up posters of the ANC in Orania. There is no one who can claim that we cannot run an election campaign in Orania. There is no place where the ANC cannot launch a campaign as long as that place is in our country.”

Adv. However, Anton Alberts, national chairman of the FF Plus, now says that Lesufi’s “opportunistic and populist attacks” on a self-governing community like Orania are an attempt to remove the focus from his own unfulfilled promises, which he will have to report on in his provincial speech .

“Rather, he can look more deeply at the lessons that this community can teach him in good public management and service delivery as opposed to his own empty promises.”

Lesufi, also the premier of Gauteng, will make his provincial speech on Monday at the Nasrec exhibition center in Johannesburg.

Alberts says Lesufi has already indicated that he will make another series of promises. “This is being done in a desperate attempt to cover up the ANC’s poor performance over the years in order to garner support for the upcoming election.

“His efforts to pay attention to Gauteng’s lack of electricity have yet to bear any fruit. Sonplase is not yet operational and Soweto’s overdue power bills have not yet been written off.

“This Soweto debt write-off is causing great dissatisfaction in other communities and is clearly an ANC election ploy as the ANC cannot achieve a majority in Gauteng without support from Soweto.

“The e-toll issue is already being discussed, but it is still important to note that there have been dates from Lesufi’s plan to implement the proposal from the national treasury, according to which Gauteng must take over 30% of the e-toll debt and pay it off in order to abolish the system.”

Alberts says Lesufi’s appointment of thousands of so-called crime fighters is also extremely flawed due to the nature of the appointments, poor training and the waste of expensive patrol cars.

“It seems that most of Lesufi’s plans boomerang and cause more damage to the ANC. Against this background, he can rather learn something from Orania about good governance and community management.”

Dr. Dirk Hermann, chief executive of Solidarity, said this week in response to Lesufi’s apparent plans that he is sure Orania will welcome him warmly “with ginger beer and cookies while he sweats to put up posters in the hot Karoo.

“His racial prejudices are not Orania’s.

“A bit of a waste of time, but go ahead. You will learn something from a community that works,” says Hermann in an entry on social media.