Lauren Dickason cherishes bears made from daughters’ clothes


Lauren Dickason, a South African who was convicted in New Zealand of the murder of her three daughters, wrote a letter this week in which she thanked everyone who supported her since LianĂ© (6) and the two-year-old twins, Maya and Karla, ‘s death.

The letter comes after a group of supporters sent her a package on the second anniversary of the children’s death, reports The Press.

Dickason says in the short letter that she is grateful for her supporters’ love and support “in this difficult time”.

Dickason was found guilty of her daughters’ murder in September and will be sentenced on December 19.

She revealed in her letter that she has three teddy bears made from LianĂ©, Maya and Karla’s clothes and that she cuddles them at night thinking about “all the wonderful hugs my girls have given me”.

She included a photo of the teddy bears in her letter, as well as a painting of sunflowers that she had painted.

“I did this painting to commemorate the little girls’ death on September 16,” she writes. reports that sunflowers have become a symbol for the group to show their support for Dickason. Members of the closed Facebook group are also sharing photos of themselves planting sunflowers in support of Dickason.

Last month, The Press revealed several letters of support for Dickason, as well as the group’s plans to hold a peaceful march in Christchurch in November before Dickason’s sentencing.

More than 1,300 supporters have signed a petition calling for Dickason to receive a reduced sentence for the murders due to her postpartum depression.

The Facebook group “Support for Lauren Dickason” was started in July 2022 and has approximately 1,500 members, mostly women from New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Britain, the USA, Namibia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada, Netherlands, Vietnam and Mauritius.

This includes doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and members of Dickason’s family.