‘Leader of livestock theft syndicate’ may be released


The alleged leader of a notorious livestock theft syndicate has been granted bail for a second time, which means that he can now be released if he pays the required amounts.

Last week, Rasta Kenosi was granted bail of R5 000 for willful damage to property. He must pay this, together with the R5 000 bail for attempted murder, in order to be released.

Kenosi is suspected of poisoning dozens of cattle in the North-West and is facing various charges in the Ganyesa Magistrate’s Court in the North-West.

Henry Mamothame, spokesperson for the National Prosecuting Authority in this province, confirmed to RNews that Kenosi can be released if he pays the money. He must appear again on 8 February in the magistrate’s court in Ganyesa on charges of attempted murder, 11 February for intentional damage to property and 23 February for livestock theft. His bail conditions stipulate, among other things, that he must report to the police station in Morokweng every Monday and Friday and may not leave the specific district without permission.

Naudé Pienaar, deputy general manager of Agri NW, already described the decision as “shocking” in December, when Kenosi was granted bail for the first time. Kenosi then had to remain behind bars pending the second bail application.

“We rely on the investigations to be well done, properly documented and the dossiers to be fully available so that the prosecuting authority will be able to do a good job,” he said after the latest verdict.

RNews previously reported that farmers in the Bray area have been harassed for more than a decade by an unscrupulous livestock theft syndicate which apparently exerts its influence all the way up in the police.

Kenosi has reportedly been identified numerous times on footage captured by various security cameras on farms and along roads.