Lindie Strydom’s sprouts follow in her drama footsteps


Even though her eldest son already made his first appearance on the box as a baby, the actress Lindie Strydom never expected that a career in the entertainment industry might beckon for this child of hers.

Paul, who is currently in his matric year at Parel Valley High School in Somerset West, was in a recent episode of the kykNET crime series, Project Dinato see.

His appearance in this role is a mere consequence of Paul’s innate love for the arts, he says.

“I have always, from a young age, had a love for acting,” the 18-year-old actor tells RNews.

“The best part of acting is the people. It wouldn’t exist without the people we play for, and I’m very grateful for people who come to see and support theatre.”

Lindie and her husband, Johann (49), have three children: 18-year-old Paul and their 16-year-old twins, Nina and Hugo, and each has a love for the stage.

She enrolled them in speech competitions and drama events from a very young age.

“It was to develop a skill to be able to speak comfortably in front of people, but in a pleasant-listening way without strange inflections or unnatural speech rhythms,” explains Lindie to RNews.

“Today, not one of them is afraid to be the first to raise their hand to get behind the class oral and each has discovered his or her own unique style that is as vastly different as the personalities of the three of them.”

This 45-year-old actress gained fame when she became part of the famous soap opera as a young woman, Egoli. It was precisely on the set of this soap opera that Paul had his first encounter with the entertainment industry. He has the role of Adrian Edwards Egoli interpret.

“At that stage it was just a nice practical arrangement to be able to use my own child and have it on set with me.”

Paul and his sister, Nina, recently made it to the ATKV-Digitoneel’s top eight, something that the Strydom family considers a wonderful opportunity to work with established actors in the entertainment industry.

These two Strydom spruits recently attended a workshop at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg during which the actors JJ van Niekerk, Pietie Beyers, Solomon Cupido and Wilhelm van der Walt led them in the performance of monologues.

The learners’ respective monologues will later this year in the reality series, Chosen for the spotlightto be seen.

“It was one big treat and a huge injection of inspiration, especially before we kick off the ATKV teenage drama season,” says Lindie.

Paul will take part in the ATKV-Tienertoneel for the last time this year, and this time it will be with his brother and sister. They will also share the stage later this year during the school’s performance of the well-known The Wizard of Oz.

Paul also has the teenage stage production, punching bag, wrote and will direct it. His younger brother, Hugo, will also appear in this play.

“I have an ensemble of nine players and it is a fantastic experience to be able to work with them. They are dedicated and disciplined; they want to see this production work on the stage,” says Paul.

“The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is how our ensemble takes this text as a gift and makes it their own.

“I get bored quickly when I’m not doing anything and like to stay busy. My year is full and this production is a big part of it.”

“I think my children have found their own voices and paths, quite unaware of my background, without feeling that they had to try to follow in certain footsteps,” says Lindie.

Yet throughout her children’s growing up years, she instilled in them a passion and love for the arts, which range from oratory to drama and debate. She considers the value that lies comfortably locked away on a stage or in front of a group of people to be irreplaceable.

“Now it feels to me like their talent has grown beyond my (actually very limited) ability and (without any formal drama training) gut perception, and whether I can actually teach or show them anything further,” says Lindie.

“It’s a good feeling, because they have taken ownership and are stewards of their talent. I enjoy each of my children and my prayer for them is simply that they will give thanks to the Lord with their lives!”