Lion in Jhb ‘more likely a dog’


The Animal Protection Association in Johannesburg (JDBV) confirmed in a post on Facebook on Monday that it had received several calls about a lion apparently wandering around Oakdene.

However, according to Liana Marx, liaison officer of the Johannesburg SPCA, it was most likely a dog that people mistook for a lion.

“The JDBV inspectors immediately started looking for the animal, but despite several attempts there was no sign of the lion.

“We received calls on Monday afternoon from people claiming that the lion had been spotted near The Glen shopping center and inspectors were sent to investigate. However, they could not find anything.

“I think that someone mistook a dog or something for a lion. We received a few calls on Monday, but it was dead silent on Tuesday – we did not receive a single call about the lion again.”

However, she says that residents must be on their guard and contact the SPCA immediately if they see a lion wandering around the city again.

“We appeal to people that if they see the lion, they should not approach the animal and immediately call the service inspector on 083 604 1172.

“We’re not sure if it’s true or not, but we’re not taking any chances. In South Africa everything is possible,” jokes Marx.