Listen: Biography about Marius Weyers filled with anecdotes, color photos


“Hard work is almost the only thing that Marius Weyers and Sandra Prinsloo have in common. Furthermore, they are vastly different.”

This is how Chris Vorster tells in an interview with RNews about his latest book, Marius Weyerswhich has just seen the light.

In this book, the long-standing collaboration between Marius and Sandra, two of South Africa’s leading actors, is one of the aspects of Marius’ life and career that Chris writes about.

There are many anecdotes to tell, but Chris remembers one in particular from Marius and Sandra’s younger days when their overseas trip ended briefly.

“In 1969, they decided to go abroad together as friends,” Chris begins, and then jokingly adds: “Marius said he had actually been in love with Sandra for quite a few years at the time, but she had other plans.”

When they arrived in Greece, Marius and Sandra apparently fought so badly – like “cat and dog” Marius told Chris – that they parted ways.

“Sandra stayed behind in Greece and Marius moved on. They planned to spend about three months together in Europe, but in the end it only lasted something like a week and a half.

“Marius says it’s actually so funny, because in a social environment he and Sandra don’t really get along, because they are such different people. But they are good friends and they work incredibly well together, because both are extremely disciplined and goal-driven.”

Marius Weyers is a biographical narrative interwoven with color photos, anecdotes, humor and quotes that provide information and insight into this artist’s thinking and the challenges he had to overcome at times.

It also tells the beautiful love story between Marius and his wife, Evette, who died earlier this year at the age of 77. RNews reported that Evette, a well-known sculptor, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2019 and was cared for by Marius at their home in Rooiels in the Western Cape until her death.

When asked why Chris specifically decided to write a book about Marius, the answer comes almost immediately.

“Wow, why not? He is by far the most famous and respected actor of the generation in which he grew up.

“It’s not just his professional life that was incredible, it’s also his balance as a person. Especially regarding his wife, Evette, and his marriage, but also how modest he always remained regarding everything he accomplished.”

He goes on to say that one of the continuous themes in Marius’ life – which comes up all the time and which applies to other people’s lives – is that every person has a battle against life that they have to fight against.

“Marius had a few setbacks from a young age in terms of events that were really sad: in his personal life and in his career. Yet he has always had the ability to get up, look forward and carry on.”

Chris also refers in the book to an accident that happened to Marius when he was small: a car ran over him and he hit his head very hard in the process. This had a profound influence on the way in which Marius in particular tackled his career.

“Marius felt that as a result of the accident he had an intellectual disadvantage and that he was a little slower than his friends, which of course is not the truth at all.”

The feeling that Marius experienced was reinforced by the fact that he did not study after school or was able to complete a degree. This resulted in Marius working extremely hard. “All his friends and colleagues said in the interviews for my research that no one in the industry worked harder than Marius.”

Marius Weyers cost R450 (price subject to change). Click here to purchase the book from Graffiti Books.