Listen: Dana Snyman takes untrodden paths on a journey of faith


Although Dana Snyman is a minister’s child and as a child was part of a church community, over the years he became churchless. However, this does not imply that he also renounced his faith. In fact, at 60, this is more important than ever to Dana.

“I actually still wrestle with insecurity about my faith today. Because many of the stories I tell are about journeys, I then began to wonder why not do something about a journey of faith,” says Dana in RNews’s studio.

In his latest television series, Ground road faithDana takes viewers with him on a journey of exploration with religion, faith and the Afrikaans sister churches.

He begins his journey in Mookgophong (Naboomspruit), Limpopo, at the NG church where his father was a pastor years ago. Dana also visited Ventersdorp, Merweville, Philippolis and Stellenbosch, among others.

“It was quite an intimate and emotional experience to travel through the country with the production team for almost a month. We visited different churches and heard different people’s stories about their faith and the church,” he admits.

When asked what viewers can expect from the series, Dana says he hopes it will encourage people to have more mercy with each other, especially towards people who think differently about faith than they do.

He goes on to say that it is especially about churches returning to the community again, and this tells a story of hope.

“It seems to me that the church is in so many ways becoming a real church again. Membership numbers may be falling, but in so many places I’ve visited, congregations are still intensely involved with people and trying to make communities’ brokenness whole again.”

Faith is also a central theme in Dana’s latest book, Inland. In this collection of short stories, Dana tells the story of his first conversion at an adventure camp during his primary school days, and where he lights a candle in a French cathedral.

His stories are also about the aftermath of the pandemic, load shedding, the war in Ukraine and politics. He experiences how people give up because of the circumstances in the country, and with themselves.

“After 60, I am now learning to live with uncertainty. But it is not a despondent, desperate uncertainty, but rather a hopeful uncertainty.”

Ground road faith starts on Sunday 3 September at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.

  • Listen to the full interview with Dana Snyman above. He spoke in the RNews studio about his latest television series, Ground road faithand his book, Inlandchat
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