Listen: Jakkie Louw loved, popular after 25 years as a musician


The diverse sounds and lyrics of musician Jakkie Louw’s latest two music releases, “Vuli Ndlela” and “Jannie Bloemfontein”, indicate the artist’s versatility, which has made him a beloved South African singer for more than two decades.

Not only does he release one hit after another, but he is also currently touring the country with his popular Jakkie Louw concerts, as well as a new duet production, titled Jackal and Mountainwith singer Charlize Berg.

He previously produced with the singer, Kevin Leo, Fox and Lion, staged. The duo’s version of the famous Afrikaans song, “Voshaarnooi”, was a huge hit and is in the movie, Darlingto hear.

“Kevin moved to middle America, and I don’t know if he sings anymore. I now want to continue with the next chapter. The concert is called Bella Musicaand contains the most beautiful duets ever written,” says Jakkie in RNews’s studio.

In addition to his full schedule as a musician, Jakkie is also the father of two young daughters who keep him and his wife, Anel, on their toes.

“They take part in everything: from acrobats and gymnastics to hockey,” says Jakkie proudly.

According to Jakkie, after two decades he still enjoys hanging out with concertgoers. That is why he is also excited to appear on the Super Sokkie boat trip in March next year with Kurt Darren and a whole host of big names in Afrikaans music.

“It’s a nice bunch of people on the boat and people who jump early for tickets are going to be very happy. The thing about the boats is: we hang out with the people, and there is moss on the boats cocktails available which makes all the notes sound better,” he jokes.

Juanita du Plessis, Nicholis Louw, Dirk van der Westhuizen, Jay, Lianie May and Early B will also join the boat trip to the Portuguese Islands.

“I told Anel that I don’t have many sock songs, so I am now going to write one especially for the boat trip, entitled ‘Where is Jakkie’s sock?’,” he says with a laugh.

“I am so blessed. After the pandemic, I get inquiries for shows on a daily basis. I remember when Theuns (Jordaan) was still alive, he said you can start to feel famous if you get 500 inquiries a week. I don’t get that many inquiries yet, but at least every day.

“We stay busy, the calendar looks good and I am well received. After 25 years in the music industry and on the road, I realized that every town in our country has a personality that needs to be nurtured, and if you love the people, they will love you.”

“Vuli Ndlela” and “Jannie Bloemfontein” are available on all major digital platforms.

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