Listen: Ms. SA beauty takes big musical leap


It has been almost a year since Anke Rothmann’s Miss. South Africa trip ended. She may not have gone home with the crown, but testifies today that this competition had a huge impact on her being human.

However, this 24-year-old curly-headed beauty is also a keen singer, and her debut single, “Bang”, was released last week.

“I made my own music for an awfully long time, recorded lots of stuff in different places and drove around to perform at different places,” says Anke in RNews’s studio.

“We actually met with Universal in my third or fourth year (of university). It’s been three or four years now. The time just kept not being right for the single to happen. Finally this year, after everything quieted down, we were able to start working on the single.”

She is grateful for the path she took last year during the Miss. South Africa competition walked. It may have been out of her comfort zone, but she will never forget the experience.

“It had been a great and good learning school for me. I am not at all someone who usually participates in beauty contests; I have never walked in heels before Miss. South Africa does not.

“In terms of broadening your horizons, it was good for me. I learned a lot more about myself, learned how to be independent and believe in yourself.”

  • Listen above to a full audio interview with Anke Rothmann.

Watch the music video for Anke’s debut single, “Bang” here: