Listen: Nádine can breathe again on stage


Despite the personal challenges and turbulent waters that the singer Nádine has had to face in the past year, she keeps her face turned towards the sun and thrives as an artist and entrepreneur.

In December last year, she released a brand new single, “Liefde sonder o maar”, with great success, and also opened a leather goods store, Nellie Vellies, in the east of Pretoria. In addition, for the fourth year in a row, she is also working on a beautiful diary that has her fans in awe every year.

Nádine made headlines about two months ago when Derick Hougaard, the former Springbok flyhalf, was hospitalized after she found him unconscious in his home.

He fought for his life on ventilators for about three weeks in the intensive care unit of the Steve Biko Academic Hospital, where he was treated for pneumonia due to aspiration.

Due to the interest in the health of this popular sports star, who in his day was known as “Liefling”, media inquiries poured in non-stop, says Nádine.

“It was a terribly challenging time for me, emotionally, physically and mentally. If you can stop and breathe after the time, then you find yourself again after the whole process.”

She handles the pressure of the media interest in her life with grace. “I try to see it for what it is. You will always find people who are genuinely interested and who pray for you and are there for you.

“I don’t think there can be anything worse than standing next to a bed where there can be life or death at any moment, and it keeps your feet on the ground. You realize you can’t get out of this situation and you really do it with prayer, faith and grace, also for yourself.

“As soon as you are in the eye of the storm, it becomes almost half quiet. You see everything happening around you and at that moment you can distinguish between what is good and what is sincere, but you get a good dose of discomfort along with the genuine interest.”

She adds the public has blown her away with their unwavering support and constant prayers.

“In such times you really realize the power of prayer and how people carry you with their love and continuous love.”

The feedback she gets about “Liefde sonder o maar”, which was written by Roux Cloete and Dirk van Niekerk, also testifies to the singer’s fans who still stand behind her after more than two decades in the music industry.

“I judge the success of the song on the feedback I get when I do shows. If I sing somewhere and people sing along or they ask where they can get it or watch the music video. I’m hungry for new material and new songs and before the end of the year new things will happen.”

Nádine says that people are under the false impression that it is difficult to sing when you are going through a difficult time, and she still regularly takes the long road to perform across the country.

“Sometimes it is precisely the place where you breathe and where you feel there is so much love that surrounds and embraces you.”

Nádine has just headlined a few successful shows Colours delivered. This concert was put together by Johan Heystek and the first performance was in the Atterbury Theater in Pretoria.

On September 9, Nádine, Jak de Priester, Ruhan du Toit and Ray Dylan are on stage together for one night only in the production Velvet on view at Emperor’s Palace in Kempton Park’s Theater of Marcellus.

The 11-year-old singer Liney, a native of Ellisras, will also have the opportunity to showcase her musical talent.

“I know the audience is going to get something they never expected,” says the singer excitedly about this concert, which is being offered for one night only.

“People are walking out asking when is the next one, but we only do the show once a year, so make sure you get your tickets!”

The Velvet-concert is presented by Numinous 102 and AE Switch. Tickets cost from R200 to R360 per person and are available online at Vtickets.

Visit Nádine’s shop, Nellie Vellies’ Facebook page.

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