Listen: Robbie Wessels’ ode to the Bokke


“When you are in a foreign country, and do not feel that your own country is there, music has the power to make you feel that you are at home, that the whole country is behind you.”

This is how Robbie Wessels talks in RNews’s studio about the importance of music in the midst of a giant sports tournament such as the Rugby World Cup which kicks off in France on Friday.

Robbie is no stranger to rugby music, although he has never before released an album specially for a World Cup. However, the rugby spirit pretty much collapsed this year.

His new album, Hip Hip Hooraywas not only created as an encouraging message to the Springboks, but also as a source of hope and inspiration for those who will be watching and supporting the tournament from South Africa.

“It is a very patriotic album. I hope that it will excite people – these are all very nice songs, nothing too heavy.”

His new single, also “Hiep hiep hoera”, hits the airwaves today (September 8).

“It’s not a terribly deep song. It’s the type of song that, if you’re at a braai somewhere, can give you a little spirit and get you excited about the Goats.”

This is also not the only song that this 42-year-old singer releases today. Anlia Etzebeth wrote a special, touching message for the men in green and gold, of which her husband Eben is one.

She initially approached Robbie for advice on this song, but it quickly turned into an invitation to sing the song with her, Ruhan du Toit and Karlien van Jaarsveld.

“The World Cup is different game, you can’t really predict that. But if I have to take where we stand at the moment and how strong we are, we are one of the favorites – I believe it.”

“I must and will believe that the Bokke will win, because I am writing about it!”

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Watch Robbie’s message to the Bokke here:

Listen to “Hiep hip hoorah” here: