Listen: ‘Show your meat’ shorts make Boerboel national property


The well-known Boerboel Wear clothing range has been making the whole country sit up since 2016 with the – if we have to be honest – fresh, tanned Boer legs and short tight pants that adorn this brand’s marketing material.

However, when it comes to the longevity of the brand, Stephan Hugo Botha and Sarichia Coetzer, co-owners of the well-known brand, are equally serious about the quality and smart detail that is the hallmark of their lifestyle brand.

Stephan is the company’s co-founder and owner, and is also the marketing and social media manager who also has the brand’s singing group, Jan Jan Jan, under his wing.

Sarichia, co-owner, acts as financial and operations manager and keeps an eye on the office and dealers who buy from them, and also does product development together with Stephan and handles the establishment of new items.

show your meat’

“I always say three words have changed all of our lives, and those three words are ‘Show your meat’,” says Stephan.

The idea for the founding of the singing group Jan Jan Jan was born after a marketing photo, in which three young men are standing in Boerboel trousers, started spreading like wildfire on social media and users jokingly started coming up with names for this imaginary “boy band”.

“I still remember lying on the sofa and thinking it would make a good slogan.”

However, these words were later expanded into a pop song, and after the Sony record company came on board, the song literally exploded on the Afrikaans music scene – and so did Boerboel Wear’s sales.

“I’m still amazed when I’m at one of Jan Jan Jan’s shows, because it’s unreal for me to think how it all happened.”

Little Quagga

A good example of one such opportunity that Boerboel Wear recently seized with both hands is a collaboration agreement with the cheerful Klein Kwagga, as he is now known after a video in which he dances on stage in Boerboel clothes was distributed worldwide.

“By the way, he danced in our clothes in the video. We are now planning a few projects with him. He just amazes me, and he is a formidable little man. It is important to spot these types of opportunities and then not let grass grow under your feet to seize opportunities.”

According to Stephan, the original Boerboel breeches, known as the PT breeches, were modeled on a pattern of his grandfather’s grass cutting breeches, “an old pair of breeches that I just sent to the factory”.

These panties have been adjusted and made more comfortable to match the Boerboel Wear brand. “My grandfather’s trousers form part of our trip, and I unfortunately lost the trousers, but I actually had to frame them.”

The name, Boerboel Wear

“When Sarichia and I were talking about the clothing line, I looked on Google at other brands worldwide. I came across a brand with a dachshund in the logo and I looked for real South African dog breeds. All I could find that is actually recognized as a South African dog breed is the boerboel,” explains Stephan.

“What always stands out for us about the boerboel as a breed is that it is a very reliable dog, usually with a nice disposition and it is also intelligent.

“For us at Boerboel Wear, the quality of our items is what we always go back to, we strive to offer reliable items with smart detail, and this is always the essence behind every product: That it must be different, smart and unique.

“Thankfully, the name was still available as a business name and trademark, so I believe it was all just meant to be,” says Sarichia.


Their office is the nearest coffee shop, and they don’t ponder ideas with strategies and lengthy documents for months either, says Stephan.

“As a creative person, this type of hassle would drive me crazy. Our small team gathers at the nearest coffee shop and we brainstorm new ideas and exchange thoughts. I then walk and ruminate on it for a while until I am ready to implement it together with new ideas that I have also come up with.”

They agree that big exhibitions like Huntex and Nampo are a big highlight on their calendars every year.

“The best part of the exhibitions are people’s comments as they walk past or visit the stall. Few people know what Boerboel’s owners look like, and I prefer it that way, because I can hide around the corner and have a good laugh at the things people lose.

“This is the very essence of our brand – it’s fun, light and entertaining – but the backbone of our business is that we always strive to produce the best quality clothes we possibly can. This in itself is a constant struggle in a country where production has many challenges.”

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  • Listen to the full interview with Stephan Hugo Botha and Sarichia Coetzer at the top of the report.