Listen: Thys ‘already sitting’ back on stage with new music


The joke-singer and radio announcer Thys die Bosveldklong does not let the disease he was diagnosed with about five years ago stand in the way of his musical dreams.

Thys’s health has been on a seesaw since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) by a neurologist in 2019.

He was bedridden for a while due to the disease and received treatment in February last year which made him mobile again.

Even though these days he has to use a wheelchair again to get around, he is eager to re-enter his heart’s place – the stage – with fresh tracks from his own pen.

He tells in RNews’s studio with his latest release, “Blommetjie Blom”, that he experiences a constant up-and-down ride with his health.

“It is not a level road. There is no button that will ‘do’ for you and you are right,” says Thys.

“It’s just a path I’m walking – sometimes crawling – but I’m trying my best. I’m back on stage and welcome any shows, even if I have to sit and sing.”

“Blommetjie Blom” is one of the first recordings he made at the end of last year in Christo du Plessis’ Pro-Star studio.

“It was a nice experience, but it was also strange, because every studio is different.”

The recordings were done in collaboration with Ian Bossert. “Blommetjie Blom” was recorded together with tracks such as “Maybe It’s Time” and “Loftus in die ou dae”.

With “Blommetjie Blom” he hopes to make his fans’ feet itch again and make them hungry for more of his music.

“This is a song I wrote with my aunt in mind, because her nickname is Blom.”

Although “Blommetjie Blom” is an upbeat track, the songwriter admits that he is more serious these days and this is also evident in his writing style.

“My stuff was always silly and humorous, but my new take is definitely more serious.”

“Blommetjie Blom” is available on all major digital platforms.

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