Listen: VatVas’ three generations of musicians make feet itch


The VatVas Dance Orchestra consists of three generations of talented musicians. This band’s brand new single, “Rudie se tokkel”, was composed by the youngest member of the four-piece ensemble.

The musical men, Rudie Grobler (electric guitar), Koos van Dyk (drums), Martin Viljoen (bass guitar) and Johan Duvenhage (electric guitar), have been on the Afrikaans music scene for more than six years now as Die VatVas Dansorkes and have already quite a few music prizes rolled in.

They have already received a South African Music Award (SAMA) and an Aitsa, Afri-Indie and Ghoema award for songs such as “Volstruis vastrap” and the album, Guitar longing.

According to Rudie, an engineer by profession and master guitarist, the guitar is the main instrument in the track and he used a fast plectrum style to give the track a “Country music touch”.

“Country music is in our blood and that’s why I wrote the song. The feedback on the song is overwhelming. We appear on quite a few hit parades and it’s really just a nice taste of what’s to come,” says Rudie in RNews’s studio.

According to Martin, the band’s music has a country-rock sound and they focus on using rhythms and arrangements that attract listeners to the dance floor.

“Long arm dancing is something that was not popular among young people for a while, but we see that it is taking hold more and more among the young crowd,” adds Johan.

“However, our music is of such a nature that you can listen to it on the dance floor, next to the barbecue fire or by the fishing waters. That’s what makes it fun for us, and so many people contact us to say our music makes their feet itch. Our sound is different and unique. It makes us stand out.”

Johan remembers how as a child he held a guitar for the first time and the sound of a guitar captured his imagination.

“At the beginning of VasVat we just played for the family, but later we expanded further and developed to where we are today.”

Rudie tells that his late father, himself a keen musician, cultivated a love for music in him.

“He played in orchestras and even played in orchestras with Uncle Johan. After his death, uncle Johan and I decided to record a song, and from there Martin and Koos joined. That’s how VatVas came about, and I don’t regret it for a moment.”

“Rudie’s strumming” is available on all major digital platforms.

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