Little ‘Trouble’ on the road to recovery after chasing thugs


A four-month-old puppy from Khayelitsha in the Western Cape is on the road to recovery after bravely protecting his family from burglars.

The brave little dog, who is called Trouble, lived up to his name and gave the thugs a hard time when he barked after them after his mother dog initially chased them away.

However, the miscreants attacked the puppy and broke the radius bone and ulna in his left front leg. The Mdzananda Animal Clinic, a non-governmental organization in Khayelitsha, picked up Trouble in an animal ambulance and took him to their animal hospital.

“Since Trouble is still very young, an operation was not necessary. Because he is so small, his legs are still growing. With a splint to get the bones back in place, it will grow right back in,” said Marcelle du Plessis, fundraising and communications director at the clinic.

“The splint will remain on for two to three weeks, after which our vets will be able to determine how well he is recovering.”

Trouble is currently convalescing at home.

Staff at the clinic have since described him as a brave hero.

“He is a fearless little dog and a great hero in our community’s hearts. The lesson of the story? Be brave, regardless of your size,” said Phiwe Finca, marketing manager at the clinic.

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