LIV boss now accused of serious crimes


Just days after the PGA and LIV series resumed talks on how to work together in the future, serious criminal allegations against the LIV golf boss have come to light.

According to court documents, the chairman of the LIV series, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, is accused of malicious and illegal criminal conduct.

The former Saudi Arabian intelligence officer dr. Saad Aljabari is demanding $74 million (about R1.4 billion) from Al-Rumayyan because he was allegedly involved in efforts to “harm, silence and ultimately wipe out” Aljabari and his family.

Aljabari has been living in exile in Canada since 2017 after his former boss, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef (MBN), was arrested and relieved of his duties by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), reported The Athletic.

MBS then reportedly ordered that Aljabari be also arrested because he allegedly embezzled money from the state.

Aljabari fled to Canada, but his two children, Omar and Sarah, were barred from leaving the country.

In 2020, Omar was sentenced to nine years and Sarah to seven years in prison. It is unclear what the charges against them were because their hearings took place behind closed doors.

Aljabari claims in his case against Al-Rumayyan that the LIV boss unlawfully abducted and unlawfully detained his children.

Aljabari says Al-Rumayyan’s actions followed after MBS directly ordered the golf boss to harass him and his family.

Aljabari further says that he expects to be killed and claims that he has already survived an assassination attempt on his life once in 2018.

The unsuccessful attempt to kill him apparently happened in the same month that the journalist Jamal Khashaggi was kidnapped and killed in Istanbul.

The allegations against Al-Rumayyan caused a scramble in golf circles on Tuesday and representatives of the PGA Series refused to comment at all.

According to insiders, Al-Rumayyan and the CEO of the PGA Series, Jay Monahan, held discussions by phone this past weekend regarding the future cooperation and possible merger of the PGA and LIV Series.

Great progress was apparently made after the two organizations could not meet the initial deadline of 31 December to conclude an official cooperation agreement.

The new deadline for an agreement to ensure peace between the PGA and LIV series is the beginning of April.

In the meantime, it seems like a foregone conclusion that a third party – the SSG group, which consists of a large group of billionaire investors – will also be part of golf’s future plans.

Additional information: Golf Digest