‘Local is nice’ at new PTA centre


Atterbury Property, a leading South African real estate investor and developer, last weekend cut the ribbon on their latest project, called the Village Walk, in Hazelwood in the east of Pretoria.

This new development and pedestrian walkway connects The Village – an eclectic food, beverage and leisure center on 16th Street with The Club area, which stretches between Hazelwood and Dely Streets.

Construction on the Village Walk began in February this year.

In addition to easy access and safe parking – which have caused major challenges for both visitors and residents of this busy, creative district – the project boasts European-inspired pedestrian streets full of new local shops and eateries.

“The idea of ​​pedestrian streets with small shops on either side is an ancient principle – ideal for Pretoria’s special climate – and stands in strong contrast to the larger shopping centers which focus on regulated internal environments,” explains Bertus van Sittert, an architect associated with NEO Architects who is responsible for the design of the Village Walk.

That is precisely why, according to Van Sittert, effort has also been made to ensure that the new boutique restaurants and shops integrate well with the residential environment, and at the same time give each brand its own unique identity.

“The Village Walk celebrates the unique raw street culture of Pretoria, in a new development that may seem like it has been part of the urban character of our city forever.”

Visitors can now visit the brand new stores of well-known local brands such as the Me&B clothing range, the Burnt Studios workout clothing range and To Be Gift Boxes – the business of actress and businesswoman Leandie du Randt and her sister-in-law, Michelle du Randt – in this area. buy.

To Be Gift Boxes is a unique online business that allows customers to put together custom gift boxes full of local treats with a few clicks and mail them to their loved ones.

However, now they can also come and do it themselves in person.

“After the pandemic, we saw that there is again a need among customers to physically go to a store and touch things. Our store now gives them the full experience and the opportunity to buy a few items, or put together a gift box themselves,” explains Leandie.

The Heart beat-actress is also immensely proud of the emergence and positive growth of local brands and businesses in South Africa.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received during the launch, not only from our own friends and family, but also our fellow entrepreneurs. Of course, you can’t do something like this without incredible staff. We now say ‘it takes a village to be’ – because we are To Be and our shop is in the Village,” she jokes.

“I always try to support local businesses, as far as I can, and I think what Atterbury has managed with all their developments in these areas, so far, is remarkable. There are now so many local brands at the Village Walk, and it’s a belt under the heart that the public is also more and more eager to support them.”

Another unique local key point of the Village Walk project is the South African sculptor Angus Taylor’s images of two rhinoceros calves that show off in this ‘village’s’ courtyard.

The Latin word, Dum spiro spero (“while I breathe, I hope”), was installed along with the calves and a small fountain.

“As far as our city, country and nature are concerned, this is a nice summary of how we live. We’re building, we’re trying to make things better and hopefully we’re going somewhere with it,” Taylor said during the opening.