Look: Plaasjapie’s Roché Killian gets engaged


The popular Farm boycontestant and soap star Roché Killian is engaged. He shared the news in a video on YouTube on Friday evening.

In the video, Killian tells that he would like to ask Sophie Carr’s father for her hand in marriage, but that her father lives overseas. The two have been dating for about a year.

“I love Sophie so much. I could probably talk for an hour about how much I love her, but this video is supposed to be entertaining,” he says, before asking her father via video call if he can marry his daughter.

“I can’t imagine my life without her, so I want to ask for your blessing to marry her and be with her forever,” says an emotional Killian, before her father agrees. Sophie is an artist originally from Leicester in England.

Roché was a favorite at last year Farm boy-viewers, but the rug was properly pulled out from under him when, in an interesting twist, he had to pack his bags early in this reality series.

The personal trainer and model plays the role of Theo Krause, a gentleman with a soft heart in the popular kykNET & kie telenovela Arendsvlei.

Watch the engagement unfold here: