Lost ‘Friends’ script rescued from ash heap


Scripts of two episodes of the television series, Friendswhich was recently found in a 60-year-old British man’s bedside drawer, will be auctioned this week.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, is a former staff member of Fountain Studios in Wembley, London, where the final two episodes of the fourth season were filmed.

These episodes, entitled “The One with Ross’s Wedding” took place in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1998 and show how one of the series’ famous main characters, Ross, accidentally uses Jennifer Aniston’s character’s name rather than that of his bride before the pulpit bleating.

Hanson Ross Auctioneers in the UK will conduct the auction.

The Fountain Studios staff member told Hanson Ross that he held an administrative position at the time and found the script in the trash shortly after the Friends-episodes were filmed in their studio, reports the BBC.

The script apparently ended up among his other documents, which he kept in a box in 1999 upon his retirement and only recently found again after 25 years by chance.

“They ended up in my bedside drawer and they’ve been there ever since. I could have easily thrown them out, I completely forgot about them,” he said.

The scripts will be auctioned on January 12, and according to the auctioneers, they are expected to sell for at least between £600 and £800 (almost R19 000), or even more.

The anonymous Fountain Studios staff member told the New York Post said he hoped the scripts would be written by “a real Friends-fan” picked up.

Sources: The New York Post, BBC.