Lower phase load shedding now applies this weekend


A lower phase of load shedding – phase 2 and no longer phase 3 as previously indicated – will now apply this weekend.

Eskom says that thanks to the re-commissioning of a generation unit and a drop in partial load losses which led to an improvement in generation capacity, the lower phase will apply.

Phase 2 will therefore last until Sunday at 05:00, after which it will be switched to phase 1.

Phase 1 load shedding therefore applies from Sunday at 05:00 to Sunday at 16:00.

Further information on the outlook for the week will be released on Sunday afternoon.

Unplanned maintenance work means 13,792 MW of generation capacity is currently unavailable, while the capacity taken out of service for planned maintenance work stands at (a slightly higher) 8,484 MW at this stage.

Eskom says its power plant managers and their teams will work diligently to ensure that 2,150 MW is added back to the grid by Sunday evening.

Eskom meanwhile expects an evening peak time request of 24,966 MW for Friday.