Lowveld farmers make ‘music with depth’


For Hannes Eloff and Roelf Fritz, aka Zondagkraal, music is not only a lifeline, but an emotional outlet that society desperately needs.

These two friends have been making music for a long time, although only now, in their thirties and forties, have they finally decided to share their passion with others.

Since they decided in December last year to turn their love for music into a few hits, they have already released quite a few songs. These songs include “Blom”, “Tyd” and “Jasmyn”.

Their latest single, “Brandweerwag”, they tell RNews, is about a divorce, a life-changing and heartbreaking decision that must be made to tear a family apart. Although it is a difficult theme to address, Hannes and Roelf say that it is precisely necessary to make music about the things in life that affect so many people’s lives.

“‘Fireguard’ is a synonym for those who can put out the pain in your heart. We all grew up with music, it is art that captures so many emotions,” says 38-year-old Roelf.

“It may be a difficult theme, but there are so many people who go through divorces. People keep a lot of stuff inside, and music is a way to talk about it. When you sing along, you express all those emotions – which is a good thing and we should use music more for that.”

Challenging topics, a need to share hope and a love for telling stories are exactly why Hannes and Roelf finally decided to start making music.

“It’s not as if we spring chickens isn’t, but music has always been a big part of our lives. Things are currently so messed up in the world and with the music we make, we always try to tell stories and create some hope,” says 45-year-old Hannes.

“Our music is light, but the message has a deep meaning. All together should give you some hope again at the end of the day. That’s what music is all about.”

Listen to “Brandweerwag” here: