‘Major’ news for SA ultra field runners


Ultracross athletes, grab your running shoes.

The organizers of the Cape Town ultra-trail race have this week joined forces with some of the world’s leading ultra-trail races to form the World Trail Majors – an association set up to steer the development of ultra-trail races in the right direction.

The organizers of the Cape Town ultra-country race will from next year join the ranks of organizers of iconic races such as the Hong Kong 100 ultramarathon, the Black Canyon Ultras, the North Face Transgrancanaria, the Mount Fuji 100, the MIUT – Madeira Island ultra-country race, the Swiss Canyon ultracross race, South Downs Way and the Quebec Mega ultracross race.

The World Trail Majors want to maintain and build an open and accessible ethos to help preserve the original values ​​of the sport. The association will also enable race organizers to exchange knowledge and experience about the sport among themselves.

Stuart McConnachie, race director of the Cape Town ultraveld race, says the organizers of this race are very proud to be part of an association that celebrates diversity as one of its goals.

“Independent races have their place in the world of trail running; by supporting, sharing and recognizing each other’s place, we work together to continue the legacy of our sport in an independent way that is the foundation of this sport.”

McConnachie says the World Trail Majors will “offer a new, alternative path of growth” for this rapidly developing sport that involves “uncomplicated rules free from the limitations inherent in many sports”.

The Cape Town ultra-field race takes place next weekend (November 24 to 26).

This race was presented for the first time in 2014 and offers ultra-trail runners from more than 66 countries, including France, England, the USA, Germany and Italy, the opportunity to cross Table Mountain and the Peninsula on foot.

The race has evolved over the years from just 16 participants completing the 100km race in 2014 to over 2,000 runners taking part this year. Participants can choose between five distances: 23 km, 35 km and 55 km, 100 km and 166 km (100 miles).

Sidónio Freitas, race director of MIUT-Madeira Island ultra-trail race, says the organizers of this race are honored and privileged to be part of the World Trail Majors, “a prestigious collection of races that showcase the true spirit of trail running”.

“These iconic events around the world not only challenge and inspire runners, but also foster a global community of trail enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and adventure of trail running. Being part of this elite group reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional trail running experience and reaffirms our commitment to the sport

“We are excited to join the ranks of these world-renowned races and look forward to welcoming runners from all corners of the world to join us in the adventure.”