‘Make an example of Werner de Jager’


Action Society says suspects in cases of violent crimes against women and children – such as Werner de Jager – should not be granted bail.

The pressure group insists that De Jager should be refused bail on the grounds that, among other things, he poses a flight risk.

De Jager, the man who killed his wife, Rev. Accused Liezel de Jager’s bail application could not be heard in the Magistrate’s Court at Amanzimtoti in KwaZulu-Natal on Thursday after the court proceedings were delayed for several hours while De Jager consulted with his lawyer.

RNews reported earlier this afternoon that De Jager’s bail application has now been postponed until January. He remains in custody until then.

“De Jager must spend Christmas behind bars,” says Ian Cameron, head of community safety for Action Society. “We cannot afford any more delays in the fight for justice for Liezel. She represents thousands of women who end up being just a number in a very long list of victims of violence in intimate relationships.”

Cameron says it is crucial that an example is made “of these so-called men who are allowed to get away with abusing and murdering those they are called to protect”.

However, Cameron believes that the detectives who allowed the case against De Jager to drag on for two years “and that her case also becomes just another number” should also be held responsible.

“We will also continue to take steps to hold the South African Police Service (SAPS) accountable for the original (investigative) team’s neglect and failure in this case. They left her family and friends in the dark for over two years, depriving them of the reassurance they needed to properly grieve her death,” says Cameron.