Malema accused of animal cruelty


The National Animal Protection Association (NDPA) has filed a criminal charge of animal cruelty against Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, for the brutal death of a cow that was slaughtered in July as part of the party’s tenth birthday celebration.

A video of the animal’s protracted slaughter was shared on social media platforms and spread like wildfire. The footage shows how Malema tries to paralyze a cow by piercing the spinal cord of the animal.

The NDPV says it was extremely shocked by the video of the brutal massacre and received numerous complaints about it from the public.

In the video, Malema can be seen using two small knives and stabbing the animal more than 11 times, after which he turns the knife more than 60 times in the cattle’s – at that stage still fully conscious – skull.

Jacques Peacock, a spokesperson for the NDPV, says Malema has repeatedly caused pain and unnecessary suffering to the animal and it is clear that the animal has endured considerable misery.

“The Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962 (“the Act”) is a crucial piece of legislation which aims to protect all animals from unnecessary pain, suffering and cruelty.

“It is essential that all individuals, including public figures and leaders who are expected to set an example, uphold and respect this legislation,” says Peacock.

After a thorough investigation into the alleged violations that can be seen in the video, the NDPV filed a criminal complaint against Malema.

“The NDPCA will work closely with law enforcement and the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure a comprehensive investigation and prosecution in the case,” says Peacock.

“It is crucial that those who harm animals are held accountable for their actions.

“Animal abuse will not be tolerated in our society.”