Man arrested for entry to Buckingham Palace


A 25-year-old man remains in custody after he appeared in a court in London on Monday on charges of trespassing. He was arrested near Buckingham Palace.

Awad Mustafa, who has no permanent address, was arrested at 01:25 (0025 GMT) on Saturday following reports of a person climbing over a wall near King Charles III’s residence in London.

The Metropolitan Police said at the time that he had been apprehended outside the stables in the Royal Mews, but had not entered the palace or grounds.

Mustafa is also on trial for attempted theft of a car belonging to the stables when he briefly appeared in Westminster Court. His application for bail was rejected. He must appear in court again on Monday next week.

The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace handles all the road travel arrangements for the British monarch and other members of the royal family – this includes cars and carriages. It is a working stable where the Windsor Grays and Cleveland Bays that pull the royal carriages are kept.