Man dies in shootout with City Power guards


A man was shot dead in Lenasia on Friday after he fired shots at City Power’s private security guards. He apparently wanted to flee with stolen property.

“The incident took place on Vermont Street in Eldorado Park,” says Isaac Mangena, spokesman for City Power. “The company’s security guards were called about suspected cable theft that was going on.”

When the security guards arrived at the scene, one of the suspects produced a firearm and fired shots at them. “The armed officers returned fire and the man was fatally wounded.”

The police in Eldorado Park are investigating a case of murder.

“Another suspect, who was also at the scene, was not injured. He was taken into custody. He had copper cables and 500 LED street light covers in his possession. It is believed to have been stolen from a nearby school.”

The 22-year-old suspect is facing charges of theft and possession of stolen property.

“The incident comes amid an increase in the cases of cable theft and vandalism in Johannesburg in the past few weeks,” says Mangena.

City Power recorded more than 200 cases of cable theft and vandalism in January.

“This past weekend alone, we had 14 similar incidents across all service delivery centres, with five cases where street lights were vandalized during the same period. This is very worrying. This harms City Power’s ability to provide uninterrupted power supply to its customers.”

Mangena says the company apologizes to those affected by these crimes.

“Due to the high number of cases of theft of transformers and vandalism of mini-substations, the demand for this equipment is higher than what City Power has available in stock. This affects our ability to respond to restore power supply in a timely manner.”