Man fined for dyeing his hair ‘like Ukrainian flag’


A resident of Moscow, whose hair was dyed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, was found guilty on charges of “dishonouring the army”. He was fined, court documents show.

Stanislav Netesov visited a police station in April to report a crime after he was attacked at a bus stop, but officers decided to charge him when they saw his hair.

The court accused Netesov of “portraying a negative attitude towards the Russian armed forces” with his hairstyle, which has green, blue and yellow stripes.

Netesov argued that his hairstyle has nothing to do with Ukraine. He said he had been dyeing all his hair bright colors since 2017, according to the documents in the Tverskoy District Court.

The court found him guilty on the charge of “public action aimed at bringing the Russian army into disrepute” and fined him an unknown amount. However, local media reported that it was around 50 000 rubles (about R10 000).

Netesov told the OVD-Info rights group that his hair color “was by accident” and he told the police officers that he did not support Russia or Ukraine.

Moscow made public criticism of its attack in Ukraine illegal shortly after the conflict began in February 2022. Thousands of people have since been detained if they protested at all.

A man was sentenced to ten days in prison in November 2023 when he scrawled the words “No to war” on a snow-covered entrance outside a skating rink in Moscow.

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